HDUPW was founded by Ivan Unruh. Ivan is a diesel mechanic who was tired of oil and grease baths. Knowing there had to be a better way to clean under equipment, Ivan's wheels begin to turn and with this, he developed the Unruh DownUnder. 

With stainless steel construction, it goes under most any equipment, moves side to side, and the wheels allow for easy steering. The nozzle rotates 360° and is controlled by your right hand on the hand grip. The Unruh DownUnder will save you valuable time, and saved time equals money. 

Prefect for Use With

Jacked Up Trucks

Heavy Equipment

Passenger Busses


School Busses

Farm Machinery

Prefect for Use With

Recreational Vehicles


P.O. Box 23062

Barling, AR 72923 USA